XXIII International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

 Lisbon, Portugal    September 7-11, 2014


Excursion 1: Cancelled - Please contact the secretariat for modification or refund

Excursion 2: Walking Tour of Belem

The tour will start at the Tower of Belém, the Lisbon Landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site, From here we will walk (5 minutes) to the modern 1950’s Monument of the Discoveries, built to commemorate the birth date of Prince Henry the Navigator, founder of the Sagres school of navigation in the beginning of the 15th century. We will cross, under the railway and the road, to reach the gardens in front of the 16th century Jerónimos Monastery, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit will continue with the Church and the cloisters which remained intact even during the 1755 earthquake, and we will have a walk for a taste of the local speciality “Pastel de Belém”.

Price per person: 40,00€
Minimum number of participants: 20

Excursion 3: Lisboa Vineyard - the South Side of the River

Depart by coach crossing the river Tagus through the 25th of April bridge built in the 1960’s by the US Steel Company. Just across the bridge, on the Palmela Peninsula, we find the closest vineyards to Lisboa, famous for its fortified dessert wine “Moscatel” as well as the table wines produced in the area. We will visit one of the modern Wine cellars for a guided tour and a tasting experience. The return trip to Lisboa will take you over the Vasco da Gama Bridge, built for the world exhibition held in Lisbon in 1998. At the time of its construction this was the longest bridge in Europe.

Price per person: 38,00€
Minimum number of participants: 20

Excursion 4: The Art of Azulejos and the National Azulejos Museum

Depart by coach for a drive along the river for an introduction to an ancient art still visible on many Lisbon house façades: Azulejo – the word most likely has its origin in the Arabic word for al-zulej = small stone. This art was developed by the Moors and later on, in the 15th century, spread to the Portuguese artisans. The National Tiles Museum is housed in one of Lisbon’s many old convents, and presents the history and the evolution of the art until the modern design and industrial production of today.

Price per person: 35,00€
Minimum number of participants: 20

Excursion 5: Sintra

Sintra is considered to be one of the most beatiful villages of Portugal. It is situated about 30 km from Lisboa, on the slopes of a hill with the same name. In 1995, UNESCO recognised the unique characteristics of Sintra, classifying the whole village as World Heritage Site. The tour will include a visit of the Royal Palace (Palacio da Vila) and you will also enjoy some free time to discover the narrow streets and enchanted gardens and parks of the village. The return trip to Lisboa will take us via the scenic road along the river Tagus.

Price per person:  45,00€
Minimum number of participants: 20